Little Savannah Restaurant & Bar is excited to exclusively be featuring the artwork of
Tracy McKay of McKay Studio, located in Birmingham, Alabama through out the restaurant.  

Getting to know Tracy:

“My mother was a R&B singer out of Florida with a band called ‘Bobbie and the Blue Notes’, detailed, thorough and oddly enough, a southern bell.  My father was an ex-Navy, martial arts instructor, dive master, Jack of all trades, part time preacher, rollin stone sorta of a guy, always picking fights or saving lives. I am the result, a mutt, an athlete and self taught artist with strong background in counseling/ social psychology.   

As an artist I just paint, I just follow my gut... 
My methods are crude integrating roofing paper, found objects, resin, paint and sometimes clay.  I trust my impulsiveness, layering various mediums with my hands and work knife.   I don't pay attention to formal rules or structure but go in the direction of my emotions and intuition as they are transferred into shapes and color. 
I am constantly fighting a conventional need to plan out my work.  I understand that there is a relationship between the mediums I have at hand and how they come together to express myself... I try to create something that is both ‘ abstract and understood ’.  

The subject matter usually combines familiar elements of architecture, physics with connectedness, desire, fears, influence and relationships. 

 Things that Influence my work...

  • contrasting elements in music
  • texture
  • conflict
  • feeling lost
  • architecture
  • Prodigy, Skrillex, Lucinda Williams, Leonard Cohen
  • belief systems
  • spirituality
  • sex
  • social dynamics
  • loss
  • dogs
  • self reflection
  • red wine
  • opportunities for awareness