Our featured artist.

Little Savannah Restaurant & Bar is excited to exclusively be featuring the artwork of Tracy McKay of McKay Studio, located in Birmingham, Alabama through out the restaurant.  All artwork is available for purchase and immediate delivery.

Getting to know Tracy:

My mother was a R&B singers out of Florida with a band called "Bobbie and the Blue Notes" and my father was in the Navy, martial arts instructor, dive master and a jack of all trades.  I am the result ... of a mutt, an athlete and self taught artist integrating roofing paper, found objects and clay sculpture.

I trust an impulsive process of layering the medium with my hands and work knife.  I try not to pay attention to formal rules or structure but go in a direction of my emotions, intuition and the shapes that appear.  I am constantly fighting the automatic need to think or plan out my work, it is always best if I don't.  But, at the same time, I want to capitalize on the spacial relationship between shape, color and position to create a style that most people might describe as abstract but understood.  The subject matter usually combines familiar elements of architecture and physics with more intrinsic concepts such as connectedness, influence and relationships.

What influences your Art:

Contrasting elements in music, conflict, romance, feeling lost, architecture, prodigy, Skrillex, Lucinda Williams, Leonard Cohen, religion, spirituality, human dynamics, sex, loss, dogs, the relationship between people and belief systems, self reflection, red wine (lots of it) and opportunities for awareness.

Featured pieces at Little Savannah Restaurant & Bar:

This mixed media show by T. McKay kicks off in the upscale but relaxed neighborhood of Forest Park/ Birmingham, Alabama.  T. McKay uses re-constructed toys, found objects and deconstructed framing surrounding old antiqued mirrors.  Objects are re-designed and positioned, rusted, patina'd, chopped and melted creating alternate versions of stories we already know or have been told.

The provocative list of work reads like the set list for an Ozzy Osbourne/ Skrillex concert...

"The Snake Handler"

"In the Land of Gods and Monsters"

"The Four Horsemen"

"The Flight of Chicken Little"

"Lady Liberty and Ironman"